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GhEtTo sItE

mY gAnGsTer woRDs

Few Expressions, Words, and Other stuff including jokes

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Welcome to this page. Here I will list a few of my favorite words to use. Some of them don't make sense, but that's just funny.

Expressions/Phrases/Words - Origin of it

This is gay/whack. ----- I.S.89 kids
Them Jameses house ----- William
This be funny. ----- Pay Dans
scandalous ----- from cartoon, Recess
Sign a bedishin (petition) ----- Carlito Carribean Cool
Mug, Pan, Grill, Face ----- Richard
harsh ----- William
Shi'ite ----- John
gangster ----- Richard
Hilario ----- William
diss ----- Pay dans
amigos (Mexicans) ----- William's family
T Sup? ----- from the word T'sup?
the cha ----- William
Tim Thomas (dark skinned) ------ William
Anthony Mason (very dark skinned) ----- Richard
bling bling ----- Pay dans
Holla Bak.----- pay dans
Peep this. ----- pay dans
da hood. ----- pay dans
mad (Ex. A-Train is mad white.) ----- Pay dans
bootleg ----- Fook Jow Low
My Bad ----- Pay dans
Nazr Mohammed ----- William


What type of lions can you find in your front yard?

What is the longest word in the dictionary?
"Smiles" because there is a mile between each "s".

Why did James take a ladder to graduation this year?
He was prepared to go to high school next year.

How do baseball players stay cool?
They sit next to their fans.


What train did Sundov take to see Sweetney?
He took the A-Train.

Why is Alonzo Mourning scared of getting fouled?
Because he hurt his KNEE when he was a KID. (Put the two words together and switch it, you see kidney)


Why doesn't Yao cut his hair?
Because when he goes into a barber, the referee calls a foul/penalty.

IF U DIDNT GET THE JOKE, YOU DON'T KNOW FOOTBALL/BASKETBALL. Yao always is in foul trouble and is scared to run into someone. That is why he avoids the barber. (Tiki or Rhonde) (in football, if you run into someone, it's a penalty.)

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